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How long does a session last?

Each session lasts 50 minutes.

How often do I have to attend?

Sessions are held weekly. Ideally we'll set a time and a day that will remain consistent (if this is not possible due to your work/life schedule, we'll try to plan two weeks in advance so that you'll know at the end of one session when the next one will be).

What happens during the first session?

A first session is a time for us to get to know each other. You will have time to tell me why you seeked therapy in the first place and we'll come up with a focus for our work together. You can ask questions about how I work and I might need to ask you a bit more about your history, so that I have a clear picture of where you are at and where you want to be. 

How long will I have therapy for?

There is no prescribed time to work with me. You can stop our journey together at any point. Depending on what your intentions are, we will set short term and long term goals, so that you won't feel as you've been left with all the tabs open.

Can therapy help me even if my issue "is not that serious"?

Therapy is for everyone. People often wait until they are in crisis to seek support. Although it is important to do so, therapy can actually be really beneficial when you feel relatively stable. This is because you've more energy and resilience to dig deep and look into topics that might "rock your boat".

Where can I have sessions?

Due to the global situation, all sessions are currently held online via Zoom.

How much does it cost?

1-2-1 sessions cost £70

Group session prices vary depending on the event, but are usually almost 50% cheaper than individual sessions.

Do you have more questions? Contact me and I'll be happy to help:

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