My model is Integrative, joining Humanistic and Psychodynamic theories.

There is not a "prescribed" time to work with me, you can interrupt our journey when you feel it's appropriate.

We'll work on two levels:



1. SHORT TERM: managing symptoms

We will implement effective strategies and healthier habits in your daily life.

By setting weekly challenges and exercises, you’ll have something tangible to focus on.

This phase is a bit more directive on my part, but we will proceed for trial and error to find what works for you.



2. LONG TERM: dealing with underlying causes


At this stage we will dig deeper into blocks and feelings, you might have a clear idea of where they are stemming from or we might have to find out together.

Our main areas of exploration will be:

  • the beliefs you hold about yourself and their roots.

  • your relational patterns and the hidden reasons that kept them going.


We will work towards:

  • discovering your strengths and finding a way of living that is more in tune with who you are.

  • re-establishing a sense of certainty and safety in your body and in your life.

  • finding more fulfilling ways to get your emotional needs met.

Services offered online & in N7 London, UK.

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