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Stop Self-sabotage: change habits that hold you back

2 week course (live + self study)

Do you tell yourself "I'll do differently next time" but the time never comes?


This is your chance to start (and you won't even have to do it alone!)

Imagine learning strategies that actually work while having a qualified therapist guiding you through that first step.


This 2-week full immersive experience will include live sessions + self study materials.

A Space For You: a therapeutic (mini) course from mothers to mothers


Self paced study

Do you feel confused about how motherhood has impacted you as an individual as well as how you show up as a mother, a friend and a partner?

Are you struggling with mum guilt and setting and maintaining clear boundaries?

This course will give you some time to focus on yourself (YES, JUST YOU) + the right tools to make the changes you need to better your relationships with yourself, your friends, your work place and your partner.

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