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There are no groups running at the moment.

The idea of facing a group can be scary and uncomfortable for most.

No one likes to be vulnerable, especially in front of strangers.

Yet, groups can become oasis in the midst of chaos, where to sit amongst people who get you, without being pressured to "fill all the time". 

  • Defeat isolation: Meeting people who can relate to your story is rare, but can be a powerful healing experience. Groups offer a confidential and protected space to share and explore your realities, while learning from each other.

  • Cheaper than individual therapy: Groups are almost 50% cheaper than 1-2-1 sessions. Participants are kept to a maximum number of eight and meet for 1.5 hrs rather than the usual 50 min. 

  • Improve communication skills: You'll be facilitated (but never forced!) to communicate more clearly and effectively within the group. This can be transferred to all social interactions in your life.

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