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Stop being your worst enemy

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Falling into the same pattern (despite how hard you try not to) is frustrating and might leave you feel like all you do is getting by.




Sometimes all you need is an external point of view and making time for yourself.

Acknowledging what part you play in the current situation is the first step towards making changes.

Exploring what led you to where you are now is part of what we will do, but our priority will remain moving towards where you want to be, one step at the time.



Hey, I'm Beatrice

integrative therapist (UK based) offering online 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and courses to help you defeat self-sabotage and build a balanced life.

All my services are based on two core beliefs:

1. No matter what your past experience has been, you always hold  the power to decide what will come next;

2. Self awareness is key to empowerment (the more you make sense of yourself and your behaviours, the clearer you'll feel about what and how to change);

This is the journey that led me to become the therapist (and human being) I am today:

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy.

​My career choice was heavily determined by classical education and the fascination for a question as old as time: “How do we find meaning in our existence?”.

After graduating in Psychology from Milano Bicocca University, I needed a change in mindset and surroundings to gain clarity on my next steps.

So in 2012, I left Italy and moved to London to continue my training.

The impact with a different culture shed light and challenged old ways of being. Before I knew it, I was deep into the emotional journey of making sense of me - the woman and the practitioner - far from a familiar and predictable place.

Through the years, I qualified as a Therapeutic Counsellor at City and Islington College in London while being part of  adult support services across the city, working with bereavement, addiction and PTSD. Alongside this, I have also assisted adolescent students in both mainstream and alternative provisions in managing anxiety, anger, attachment trauma, behavioural issues, ADD and ADHD.

My clinical work started in 2017. Since then, I continued my professional development by extensively training in working with groups and in offering therapy online.

I am now fully dedicated to my private practice, offering 121 and group services.

Self Sabotage


What is it?

Any behaviour that negatively affects your daily life and stands in the way of your long term goals.

Why does it happen??

It starts as a protective strategy and continues because is familiar (and often unconscious).

However unhealthy and/or obstructive it might be now, this behaviour once was the best way to adapt to the circumstances.

How do you change it?

The first step is awareness + accountability: acknowledging this is not just what's happening, but what you're doing.

Then there's exploration: understanding the underlying causes.

Looking at your story through this new perspective empowers you to implement new, healthier and more effective strategies over time.


Where do I start?

Have a look at my service page to see what suits you best or ask me here.




I'm a fully qualified Integrative Therapist based in the UK, registered with BACP and ACTO.

  • Psychology Degree – Milano Bicocca University, Milan Italy

  • Integrative Therapeutic Counselling Diploma – City & Islington College, London UK

  • Working with Psychotherapy Groups – Tavistock & Portman, London UK

  • Online and phone counselling – OCST, UK

  • Individual membership (373951) – British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy, MBACP

  • Individual membership (556)  – Association for Counselling & Therapy Online, ACTO

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