Who can benefit from therapy?


Everyone can benefit from reflecting on their life and improving ways to cope with daily struggles. Talking to family and friends may not be always possible or appropriate. Therapy can offer a good opportunity to make space for yourself and get an unbiased opinion on your issues.


How long does therapy take?

This can vary depending on your goals, your history and the reason why you sought therapy in the first place. During the first session, I will support you in clarifying your expectations regarding therapy and the changes you want to make. We will have regular reviews during our work together, so that you'll have the opportunity to check on where you are at in this matter.

What happens if I feel is not working?

In therapy things usually get worse before they get better. The reason for this may be that we've uncovered something from your past that is difficult to manage or that you and/or other people in your life find it difficult to adapt to the changes you are making. Whether this is the case or you think there may be other reasons for it, I hope we will be able to discuss your feelings and decide what is best for you going forward, together.

Individual sessions in N7 and N12, London UK.

Support Groups and Online sessions available.

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