Individual face-to-face sessions in N7 and N12, London UK.

Support Groups and Online sessions available.

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    During the past years working with young people struggling with mental health in different capacities, I've experience the healing power of being truly heard by others.

    Unfortunately, I also witnessed the lack of guidance and empathy parents receive. This, together with the blame culture they are very often victims of, can leave them  dealing with such challenging situations alone and in silence.


    This group is your chance to express how hard it can be.

    All of this, while exploring new coping strategies with the support of a qualified professional and the security of a contained and confidential group.

    We will meet for six weekly sessions and there will be a set topic for every encounter with a specific focus on self harm and risky behaviours, plus dedicated time to discuss and share your own experience and concerns.


    Early Bird: £25 for each 2hrs session (£150 for 12hrs)

    Regular: £30 for each 2hrs session (£180 for 12 hrs)

    There is a maximum of 8 places per group.

    Refreshments will be provided.